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  • Gentle-Night-400x400

    Gentle Night

    This classic, seasonal collection is a complete anthology of music for Advent and Christmas. Released in 1977, Gentle Night is a collection of music by the St. Louis Jesuits. It contains some of their most beloved and treasured works, including "Patience, People," "Children Run Joyfully" and "Wake From Your Sleep."
  • Glory-in-the-Cross

    Glory in the Cross

    Enjoy this 2-CD set of music for Lent and Easter. This has become for some a way of praying their way through these special seasons of the Church year.
  • God With Us (Cover 600x600).jpg

    God With Us

    Featuring beautiful photos, music, scripture and a focused reflection, this prayer book will help one to pray through the busy days of Advent and Christmas.
  • Gods-Holy-Gifts

    God’s Holy Gifts

    One might consider this a collection of hidden gems, treasures yet remaining to be discovered. Nonetheless, these beautiful songs that will feed a person's faith.
  • Here-I-Am-Lord

    Here I Am, Lord

    This is the anniversary edition of Dan's first anthology collection featuring many of the pieces composed during his early years as a composer when working with the St. Louis Jesuits.
  • Let-Heaven-Rejoice-400x400

    Let Heaven Rejoice

    This album features twelve popular songs by the St. Louis Jesuits. These updated recordings lend an even greater richness and flexibility to these enduring favorites.