A best-selling album
Originally released in 1975, Earthen Vessels was the second album from the St. Louis Jesuits; it continues to be one of the best-selling albums of Catholic music ever recorded. Now you can discover once again how the Holy Spirit inspired five young men to create extraordinary music that would enjoy a cherished place in the hearts of generations of Christians around the world.

The St. Louis Jesuits—like never before
This unique anniversary edition features five never-before released tracks from the group’s original recording sessions in 1974. Dubbed playfully as “the Berkeley Basement Tapes,” these tracks offer a rare glimpse into the creative process of this influential music group. Interestingly, these then-new songs are already in the form and arrangement in which they were eventually released, almost as if they burst forth whole from the composers. The vocals on these tracks are an amazing testimony to how well their voices blended, even at this early stage of their career: the trademark harmonies, the detailed guitar lines—it’s all here.

Take a trip down memory lane
With its familiar track sequence, this commemorative collection of Earthen Vessels demands that the listener hear the album in its entirety. Think of it like a mini-retreat. Some Catholics will hear this album and be transported back to a time when they were coming of age in their relationship with God. Youth today who have heard parish choirs sing these songs can now experience them as the composers intended. This special anniversary edition also includes a 24-page booklet with rare photos of the young Jesuits and the story of the making of Earthen Vessels, written by historian Ken Canedo. As Ken concludes, “We hold a treasure, indeed!”

Track listing
Though the Mountains May Fall | If God Is for Us | Be Not Afraid | If the Lord Does Not Build | Turn to Me | Sing to the Mountains | Earthen Vessels | Praise the Lord, My Soul | My Son Has Gone Away | What You Hear in the Dark | Seek the Lord | Take, Lord, Receive | Earthen Vessels (Berkeley Session) | If the Lord Does Not Build (Berkeley Session) | This Alone (Berkeley Session) | Trust in the Lord (Berkeley Session) | Be Not Afraid (Berkeley Session)