Scripture-based texts and singable melodies
Now available in a remastered 2-CD set, Neither Silver Nor Gold is the debut album from the popular St. Louis Jesuits. Released in 1974 through NALR (North American Liturgy Resources), the four-album set was just the beginning for these young songwriters and seminarians at St. Louis University. Immediate demand for the collection launched the group to international success. Their scripture-based texts and singable melodies greatly influenced the world of liturgical music for decades.

The early music from a beloved group of composers
Bob Dufford, John Foley, Tim Manion, Roc O’Connor and Dan Schutte started composing and singing liturgical music while completing their studies as young Jesuits at Saint Louis University in the early 1970s. They released this first recording and songbook in response to numerous requests from fellow students and worshipers at St. Francis Xavier College Church and Fusz Memorial Chapel.

46 songs originally recorded on the St. Louis University campus
This charming collection of 46 inspirational songs was originally recorded on primitive equipment in campus buildings, church basements and dorm rooms at Saint Louis University. On some songs, you can hear a refrigerator door clicking shut in the background when the room’s occupants go for refreshments. As a result of this collection’s great success, the group has recorded six additional albums (Earthen Vessels, Dwelling Place, Gentle Night, Lord of Light, The Steadfast Love and Morning Light) in far more professional studio facilities.

Psalms, hymns and canticles performed in folk style
The beloved songs in this classic collection include psalms, hymns and canticles performed in an original folk-music style, among them “Sing a New Song,” “All My Days” and many other early favorites. Whether you’re singing along or just listening to these wonderful tunes, you’ll find the natural faith of the St. Louis Jesuits bringing your heart closer to God.