This 2 CD set is designed to accompany the book Walking the Path: Spiritual Exercises for Today by Dan Schutte.

Dan designed the book so that each exercise is accompanied by a piece of music that empowers the prayer of the exercises.  Music for many people is a powerful tool that draws their hearts into prayer and connection with God.  The thirty songs are all drawn from previous recordings of Dan Schutte and are gathered here in a convenient manner for those who wish to use them in conjunction with the book.

CD ONE: Beyond the Moon and Stars, Dayenu Litany, Christ Circle Round Us, For the Beauty, So the Love of God, Come O Lord, You Are Hear, Come Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, Pilgrim Companions, We Will Journey in Faith, Give Us Faith Lord, Come With Me into the Fields, Only This I Want, See the Lilies

CD TWO: I Found the Treasure, God of Love, Litany of Saints, Holy Darkness, As I Have Done for You, God My Savior, Blessed Are You, A Time Will Come for Singing, Yahweh the Faithful One, Gather the People, Behold the Wood, Join in the Dance, Here I Am Lord, Send Us Your Spirit, These Alone Are Enough

Click here to download the lyric booklet for the songs.