Glory in the Cross (2-CD Set)


2-CD set.

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A comprehensive resource for the Easter Triduum
Glory in the Cross is a comprehensive liturgical resource that contains music for nearly every rite of the Triduum.

Music for the holiest days of the year
The celebration of the Easter Triduum is the heart and soul of our Christian faith, commemorating the triumph of God’s love over the darkness of death.

More than 30 musical settings
Dan Schutte conceived each piece in Glory in the Cross for particular moments in the three days of this one great liturgy. There are processionals, litanies, prayers of intercession, psalms, hymns and acclamations for every rite — over 30 selections in all. Dan weaves the pieces together into a unified tapestry of music that captures the spirit of the season, from Holy Thursday’s mourning to Easter’s “alleluia.”

Application beyond the Triduum
Though intended for the Triduum, many of the pieces also can be used effectively in other liturgies. “Where Love Is Found” for instance, is well-suited for the wedding liturgy, “Come to the River” for the sprinkling rite.

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