Enjoy a moment of “Here I Am, Lord.”

      Here I Am, Lord (Web Special)

Many of Dan’s most popular liturgical compositions

The entire remastered anthology contains Dan Schutte’s most popular liturgical compositions from his time as a member of the St. Louis Jesuits. The 16 songs in this collection were chosen from The Steadfast Love, Lord of Light, Earthen Vessels, Gentle Night, A Dwelling Place and others.

A common repertoire for worship around the world
Dan Schutte’s huge impact on Catholic liturgy over these past 30 years is unmistakable. Successful hits like “City of God,” “Sing a New Song” or “Here I Am, Lord” elicit immediate recognition from an entire generation of American Catholics. These songs have become a common repertoire for worship throughout the world.

Singable, scripturally based songs
Indeed, to sing Dan Schutte’s lyrics is to sing scripture. Beautiful scripturally based songs like “Only This I Want” give way to singable tunes like “Send Us Your Spirit.” The album moves gracefully from energetic, upbeat music to gentle, prayerful melodies.

Includes the story behind the title track
With gorgeous new cover art and a story from Dan himself about the process of writing “Here I Am Lord,” this compilation will inspire and delight a whole new generation.