A virtual retreat is a wonderful way to spend time with God, adaptable to your own schedule and allowing you to journey at your own pace. You don’t have to show up at a particular time or day. You just view each video and allow them to bring you to God.

This year we’re offering two retreats: a summer retreat for July, August, and September, and a fall retreat for September, October, and November. We hope this responds to people’s desire to make a virtual retreat and have time to plan for it.

Each retreat includes:

    • twenty videos each featuring a thoughtful reflection and a song
    • a Digital Workbook Journal to guide you through the reflections and help you savor the moments of grace
    • access to retreat materials for the entire six weeks of the retreat
    • option to join a Zoom conversation with Dan and other retreatants near the end of the retreat
    • a weekly email of encouragement and companionship from Dan
    • individual registration $100  $80 if you register before July 1

Summer Retreat for July, August or September

The theme of this retreat’s prayer reflections focuses on our longing for hope.  Each reflection offers a different place where hope might be discovered and encouragement found.

For those who’ve made the A Path to Hope retreat in the past, this is the same retreat with the same reflections. But we are different than we were the last time and God still has new grace in store for us. The familiar passages of Scripture are always the same, yet God has something more for us each time we give our hearts to the Word of God.

Fall Retreat for September, October or November

We offered this retreat for the first time last fall. The reflections are meant to open up the various gifts of the Holy Spirit and encourage us to make them part of our own lives of faith. Sometimes these elements of our faith can seem rather abstract to us. But they are the foundation stones, the bedrock, of what it means to be a companion of Jesus of Nazareth.

Watch This Retreat Reflection Sample

Browse a sample of the Retreat Workbook