I have a favor to ask. Would you pray with me? I'm more aware than ever before of how much we need the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, during this time of the pandemic. All the unknowns make for great anxiety. And then there's so much loss - the loss of so many lives, the loss of livelihood, the loss of plans we had made, the loss of simple things, like hugs and smiles that are now hidden behind face masks. But I do believe deep in my heart that even at times like these God's grace abounds. But we need the Spirit to give us the eyes to see it.

This pandemic has already changed our lives forever. It's forcing us to reimagine ourselves as the followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Those first disciples didn't know how to be Church but had to listen to the quiet voice of the Spirit and dare to go where that voice led them. We're pretty much in the same situation.

So if you feel inspired, would you join me for the next nine days to pray this novena? Just as Jesus told his followers to gather in the Upper Room and devote themselves to prayer till he would send them the Holy Spirit, so we can do the same. And we can do this together even though separated by space.

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