Dan is  offering a virtual retreat for parishes and small groups.

    • choose between a one, two or three-day retreat

    • each day features six video prayer reflections with music – approximately one hour

    • includes downloadable workbook/journal

    • includes optional live Zoom conversation with Dan at the end of the retreat

If you’d be more interested in an individual virtual retreat, Dan is offering those as well.

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Paying Attention to God

It’s been written that the primary work of love is paying attention to the beloved. That certainly holds true in our relationship with God. Taking time out of our routine, even if it’s just a few minutes, is a practice to be nurtured in our lives of faith. Prayer is often not easy with its many distractions and can take many forms, but it’s truly at the heart of our faith.


Staking Our Lives on Jesus

“There is nothing that can ever separate us from the love of God,” writes St. Paul. While we are all flawed, broken, sinful human beings, we will never be rejected by God. The God revealed by Jesus of Nazareth is the God who reaches out to us in our sin, calls us to holiness, healing our hearts of stone. It is God’s unconditional love that will heal our broken lives.


Sent As Disciples of Hope

The power of God’s grace can penetrate even the darkest moments in our lives. As followers of Jesus of Nazareth, we not only preach the Paschal Mystery, but we walk that path from death to resurrection. Every one of us will experience those moments that break our hearts, that cause us doubt and confusion. But in the infinite wisdom of God, even our darkest moments are holy. That is the hope that we bring to our sisters and brothers.